“I found Behind The Lids Of Meditation on Instagram.  Not understanding exactly what I was getting myself into. It read:  Come join us Monday nights for a donation based class that only last 40 min. to an hour.  I thought to myself,  simple enough,  I can do this!!  Off I went to my first class.  What I found was the kindest, most genuine group of people that I had come across in a very long time.  The lights were dim, candles were lit and the scent in the room was truly magical. I found exactly what my heart was searching for.  My father and husband had passed away a few years ago.  The trauma and heartbreak was  too much for me to bare.  My Monday nights have become a very special and sacred time of healing and peace.   I have met the most wonderful people thru this group.  Corey, our leader  is one of the most kind, gentle  and genuine souls ever.  Through him I have learned that the simple act of Meditation can truly change your life. I can honestly say that Monday nights have been one of the most important parts of my healing journey.  For this, I am forever grateful to Corey and his amazing crew”. 


“Behind the lids meditation group has helped me develop and maintain a calming and spiritual sense of peace and it’s been an incredible community building experience, I have not only been able to see improvements in my overall mood,  but also the benefits with my relationships with others, I can say without a doubt Behind the Lids meditation group has truly enriched my life and for this I am truly grateful”.

“I have been attending the behind the lids Monday night meditation group for about a year now. I just wanted to start off by saying how truly grateful I am for this class, for all the people that attend and for the space that Corey holds for each and everyone of us! When i show up on Monday's , i am telling myself that i am worth it, that i am here to make a deeper connection to my true divine self and to the other like minded individuals there. I love meditation by myself ,  but there are no words that describe what it feels like to be a part of a collective that learns from and is guided by Corey very uniquely depending on the theme of the week! I have also had the pleasure to be part of campouts in Joshua Tree,  a day of mindfulness at the Deer Park monastery, meditations on the beach, and a magical retreat in Sedona Arizona and every single one of those events have sincerely created long lasting Unforgettable memories! So I have to end with one of my favorite quotes that says, silence is a great source of strength By   LaoTzu.. and I have got to say I have found so much strength from meditation and attending this wonderful class! Thank you Corey”.


Meditation is something that’s always been on my back burner. I’ve always heard how beneficial it was but I thought I knew myself enough and thought “no, that’s not for me..there’s no way I can sit still.” 

My friend Hannah has always mentioned her friend/client Corey, and this meditation group he led in Costa Mesa and the benefits it provides and everything else. So I gave it a try, and I’ve barely missed a Monday in the last 6 months.. I love it! The community, the energy and the healing I receive from this group is unlike anything I could ever receive from a doctor or a medication. 

It wasn’t easy at first. And still isn’t, but with the kind words and persistence it always gets a little easier each time.

I now meditate twice a day on my own and have noticed I sleep so much more peaceful, with mellow dreams, my anxiety has lessened and I’m a little more mindful throughout the day. Without the leadership and motivation I get from Behind The Lids I would have never found this practice and for that I’m forever grateful”!