Women’s Radiant Aura Workshop - With Alli Goode

SUNday JUNE 9, 2019 From 11AM to 4PM

Come experience Radiant Aura Breathwork and Expressive Arts Therapy creative experience in a Devine Feminine Loving Container.
Women's Radiant Aura Workshop Schedule...
11-12 Womens' Opening Healing Circle and Group Altar Creating Experience using earth symbols like flowers, sand, feathers, crystals etc.
12-1 Radiant Aura Breathwork Experience, we will explore the energetic body and ways to bring in more light and radiance to our lives through this ancient pranayama breath work technique. Dive deep into your spirit and heal your wounds through your breath. Pamper yourself in a variety of Essential Oils and light touch will also be integrated into the Breathwork Experience.
1-1:30 Mediterranean H'oeuvres, Tea and Chocolate Experience.
1:30-3:00 Expressive Arts therapy exercise exploring the Aura and energetic body using Vibrant Chakra paint colors and a super fun variety of mixed media art supplies. This is a creative experience you don't want to miss !!!
3:00 Grounding and Gratitude Circle.. Closing..