Vesper New Moon Ceremony: Yoga, Cacao, Breath, Sound - with Peter Schwartz

SATURday JUNE 29, 2019 From 7PM to 8:30PM

Join Vesper--composed of Angelica, Brian, and Peter--in ceremony as we embody Taurus (Latin for “The Bull”) in preparation for the New Moon, empowering determination, stability and continual action towards manifesting dreams into reality. Our interactive and holistic healing experience integrates yoga, heart-opening cacao, breathwork and a Middle Eastern soundscape with violin, vocals and sacred sound instruments.

Vesper means "evening" in Roman Latin and comes from the Ancient Greek Hesperos, which is the "Evening Star", the planet Venus in the evening.

You can expect:

- Deep Restorative Healing
- Inner Peace
- Emotional Balance
- Mental Clarity
- Physical Vitality
- Spiritual Guidance from Within

We will begin with Angelica guiding a grounding meditation with elevating essential oils to open our energy centers. She will then lead us in a yoga flow to open our bodies, calm our minds and awaken our spirits.

Peter will offer the sacred plant medicine cacao to open our hearts. He will integrate Kundalini breathwork, primal movement and toning to activate an ecstatic state. Smudge, sound and holy water will be used to cleanse the collective field to seal this process.

Brian, a classically trained ceremonial violinist, will then lead the trio with an epic and soothing Middle Eastern soundscape. This interactive experience will invite participants to express their voices and move their bodies in gratitude and devotion to their higher power.

This is an opportunity to embrace your light and burn your brilliance for the benefit of all.

*We invite you to eat light with ideally 2 hours to digest before ceremony.

*Comfortable clothes and a comfy blanket are encouraged. Yoga mats and bolsters will be provided.

*Please plan to arrive at 6:45. We will start promptly at 7:00pm.