Soul-Expression: Intro to the Chakras + Draw Your Energy - With Syd Strabala

SATURday JUNE 15, 2019 From 6pM to 8:30PM

Absorb Sydney’s powerful teachings of the Chakra framework and how we can harness this energy within us for optimal living. Dive deep into the applicable philosophy of the Chakras that you won’t find on your “Google” search!

Together we experience these epic energy centers through an in depth lecture, gentle yet stimulating Kundalini yoga, meditation corresponding with each chakra, vibrational sound healing, and finally culminating with expressive arts.

Using intuitive self-expression we will connect with each chakra by drawing/painting our own energy centers on a life-sized body outline that you get to take home. Learn about the Chakra system but then intimately and visually get to know the quality of YOUR OWN energy through a no-pressure, no-expectation creative exercise!

What are the seven Chakras? Why Chakras?
The lower triangle and blocks
Transending "Samskaras" = Our patterns and conditioned beliefs
Transforming through the heart center
MEDITATION: Come into pure presence

LIGHT YOGA: Come into your body

BREATHWORK: Connect to who we are

SOUND HEALING: Relaxation and "feeling" the Chakras

SOUL-EXPRESSION: Creatively connect with each Chakra center by drawing/painting our own energy centers on a life-sized body outline
Be guided through a reflection of each chakra
Draw, write, scribble, paint symbols, and visually express your experience and your energy centers
Take this UNIQUE beautiful energy map home!
Yoga + Meditation + Breathwork + Soul-Expression | Creating Syd