Bliss State - Yoga, Sound Healing & Activating Meditation - with Cheri Hilz

SUNday JULY 7, 2019 From 12PM to 1:30PM

Treat yourself to a 90 minute wellness class led by Cheri Hilz and Christina Rendon. Connecting the body through the movement of yoga with the incorporation of breath, sound healing, and guided meditation. Come ready to move, relax, breathe, have fun, and dive into a deeper part of yourself. We have yoga, sound healing, breath work, and guided meditation. This class has been formulated to bring you to a state of immense relaxation all in 90 minutes. Cheri and Christina have made this workshop to create a space of self love, and healing. Beginners and seasoned practitioners, and all ages are of course welcome. Hope to see all your smiling faces there!