Candle Making Workshop “A Light in the Dark - with Maria Fernandez

SATurday august 24, 2019 From 6:30PM to 9:30PM

For this candle workshop, we will be going in depth on how to utilize candles for deep healing, transformation and manifestation. This class is a combination of candle magick, earth magick, crystal healing, meditation and energy work. Candles are a powerful tool that have been used for centuries. Plant magick is using sacred herbs and flowers to bring in energy and purpose into the candles also know as candle dressing. We will also be using crystals within the candles as another tool to enhance our intentionse. As I create I am in a form of trance, I will be showing everyone how to create these pieces with their higher self as well as their guides. Candles are a beauitful tool that we all can utilize to assist our healing and growth.

Class outline:

1. Open Sacred Space
2. Introductions
3. Candle 101
4. Herbs and flower magick info
5. Connecting to our candles (meditation/intention setting)
6. Dress our candles
7. Activating candles
8. Channeling for candle messages from me