Ecstatic Dance - with Matt Mirshafiee

FRIday august 23, 2019 From 8PM to 10PM

Ecstatic Dance is an event for everyone. It’s a space to tap into yourself and to move however makes you feel your best . It’s a safe zone for you to explore your body and the way it wants to move or the way you want to move it.

There are only 4 rules :
1) Do you Boo Boo ! This event is about how you feel when you’re moving your body , not about how you look . Feel free to express yourself however you like ! Whether that’s going buck wild on the dance floor or meditating on the side ; as long as you respect everyone else and their space , you can express yourself in whatever way you wish.

2) Respect the space of others . It is important to keep a comfortable / safe space for everyone to enjoy . Non-verbal communication is key and will be discussed at the beginning of every event .

3) There is no talking on the dance floor . To talk requires thought , and the majority of us are in our heads the majority of our lives ! Let this be a space to get out of our heads and into our bodies . If you want to communicate , let it be with your movement.

4) There are no cell phones allowed on the dance floor . Our phones require us to be in our heads as well and can also be a distraction . This is a chance for you to be present with yourself , to allow your sensations to be your focus and a guide throughout your experience. Our sensations tap us into our experiences and help us get to know ourselves. The more we know ourselves , the better we can guide ourselves into experiencing life in a way that best compliments what we discover.

Each event will start with a guided movement practice, followed by a free movement dance party and will end with a sound healing infused meditation. This is a sober event ! Let all the feels come from the experience. If you wish to partake in any mind altering substances, let it be after the event in another space . We’ll be stoked to see you on the dance floor! Wishing you magic until then <3


estatic dance.jpeg