Derynne Kenton

Cerro Verde Desire Maps Facilitator & Yoga Instructor

Our bodies are a sacred vessel that speaks to us through the language of sensation. By listening to the heart and feeling the body, we heal and discover the soul. Derynne’s journey began 23 years ago when she discovered that yoga was the perfect medicine for chronic depression. The practice of yoga, meditation and soul-writing inspired the discovery that her body held onto the experiences of stress and trauma. Regular practice and commitment to soul-work helped her to release what was trapped in her body, and her heart began to heal.

Becoming attuned to the practices of healing that worked for her, Derynne began offering her gift of soul work to others. Derynne is a Somatic Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, and Life Coach who guides her clients to live their desires wholeheartedly. Derynne holds women’s empowerment groups and workshops worldwide, that utilize the traditional process of council and Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map, while also working with clients individually to find ritual and balance in their personal lives. Derynne’s passion and gift of sharing the tools for self-inquiry, yoga and soulwork will help you to heal, discover and live the life you deserve.