Corey Miller

Founder, Behind The Lids Meditation

Corey knows the awesome power of meditation firsthand. Corey was introduced to Meditation by Noah Levine in 2005 while in early recovery, and it has served as a constant source of power, strength and resolve for him ever since.

A chef by trade, Corey made the bold decision to leave the kitchen after 15 years to become a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. After earning his certification from UCLA, Corey spent three years helping others along their road to recovery while working under Dr. Stephen Odom. The two immediately hit it off and launched Cerro Verde Retreats where Corey utilizes his chef training, love of meditation and desire to help others transform as Program Director.

Looking for ways to connect and work with others while not away on retreats, Corey launched a donation-based, community meditation group in August 2017. That community immediately flourished and inspired Corey and Dr. Odom to found Behind the Lids, a healing collective in Costa Mesa, CA for like minded souls to gather, connect, heal and grow.