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Billy Bannon

Billy Bannon is a former college basketball coach turned yogi and has been leading vinyasa yoga & meditation practices since 2010.  After nearly two decades in coaching, including 10 years at Cal Poly Pomona University, Billy officially traded in his whistle for a yoga mat.  In 2012, he founded b.e.a.t.s. movement, a non-profit organization serving the criminal justice system, community organizations, workplace wellness initiatives, plus a variety of festivals and special events. 

b.e.a.t.s. movement provides sessions combining Billy’s passion for cultivating self-empowerment and community-building with the physical/mindful practices of pranayama (breathwork), asana (physical yoga practice) and meditation along with sharing the wisdom and philosophy of yoga – plus there’s singing/music making, writing/journaling and group dialogue.  A supportive, creative container encourages participants to find freedom in movement and self-expression while connecting more deeply with self and with one another.

Billy is based in Southern California and shares b.e.a.t.s. movement at festivals throughout the state as well as at national and international events.  His yoga background is based on the Eight-Limbed Path, vinyasa & yin asana (physical practice) and the wisdom of the ancient text, Yoga Sutras.  He is also currently in training to become a certified Yoga Therapist, serving disadvantaged communities and working with private clients.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”  - Ernest Hemingway

Balance. Energy. Awareness. Togetherness. Spirit.

peace, love & b.e.a.t.s.!

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